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Katharina Brinkert joins CCI

Katharina Brinkert received her PhD from Imperial College London in 2015, investigating in Prof. Bill Rutherford’s group the electron acceptor site in the water-splitting enzyme Photosystem II. Shortly afterwards, she obtained a research fellowship from the European Space Agency to carry out a research project together with an international research team on light-induced hydrogen production in semiconductor-electrocatalyst systems in microgravity environment.

For her consecutive postdoctoral work with Prof. Harry Gray, she received a scholarship from the German National Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina. Here, her research is focused on the development and investigation of new electrocatalyst for nitrogen fixation and CO2 reduction and their integration with light-absorbing semiconductors.

Her research interests include natural and artificial photosynthesis with the application in solar fuels, photoelectrocatalysis and bioenergetics.