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Thursday, 11 May

CCI Cybermeeting - Schaak Group - PSU
01:00 PM to 02:00 PM, May 11, 2017

Location: eZuce

NSF CCI Meeting November 2014

Meeting of all 8 Centers for Chemical Innovation at NSF - November 2014. From left - front row: Bettye Maddux (CSMC), Laura Seifert (CSP), Kathy Covert (NSF), Siddharth Dasgupta (Solar Fuels), Christine Conwell (CCE), Doug Kessler (CSMC), Kim Prather (CAICE), Ara Apkarian (CASTL); Back row(s): Suzanne von Thaden (CAICE), Nadine Gruhn (CENTC), Huw Davies (CCHF), Dan Morton (CCHF), Andre Schirotzek (CASTL), Karen Goldberg (CENTC), Harry Gray (Solar Fuels), Marc Hillmeyer (CSP), Nick Hud (CCE)